still thankful for the experiences i’ve had with you


day 19 / oct 19

i was supposed to read and do homework - except i got my essay extended and apparently it got a bigger extension because of some bullshit :-) so now i have until sunday to bullshit an essay. i was also supposed to read for a quiz for today, which ended up being rescheduled for next week. :-) :-) i still feel like i’m not doing so hot in school though, so i’m a bit disappointed in myself. i feel like i want to do things and shit, but i just don’t want to do the work…………. anyway, we drove to IE and i don’t know why because it was hot and boring. we stopped at a little spot called tom’s farms and it was literally the cutest thing ever. oh and afterwards for dinner, we ate at a mediocre revolving sushi place. crappy sushi. but whatever. anyway. idk. i didn’t do much. so… yeah.


throw. your. fucking. trash. in. the. GARBAGE.

look @ my hair!!!

f1d3l asked: You are super F'ing cute... Gahh. Okay in done.

thank uuuu


sry I have a new boyfriend u guys

I keep on posting to the wrong blog!!!

Title: Birthday Sex (Rendition) Artist: SoMo 9,033 plays


SoMo - Birthday Sex 

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I found this comic at the library

today was gr8 because i bought a roll of ektar, fuji superia & ilford xp2. :-)

I wanted to get a hold of the other cat and it wouldn’t come to the other side and the door was locked so I had to crawl through the hole. heheheh